With more than 10 years in cleaning services in Jordan, big expertise and living around tools and chemicals. We acquainted a big experience in performing cleaning tasks and projects.

 We decided to initiate a new company, which provides the material used in cleaning; we used to buy from other companies to perform our work.

 we are a company specialized in providing what we used to need , so we are the most experienced in doing that , and more specialized in what cleaning companies requires, and to finding the best items and products needed .

 Our main brand that we are proud to carry brands like   Fantom Professional, Laboory, Labomat, Ermop, Ets and others from imported and local manufacturer.


Our vision is to be a leader in highest technological and chemical products to start a new era of cleaning for health, and to innovate a new way of selling and delivering products. Our slogan is:” cleaning for health; cleaning for safety.” and we wish we will reach the highest standards of protective cleaning by finding and providing these advanced products to our customers and society.


our mission , is to provide the most advanced and practical tools for cleaning services providers , without  compromising their budgets , in a world where cleaning and hygiene is very essential for human life , the raise of new viruses and epidemics throughout the world , and their reoccurrences,  put us under new responsibilities , that is cleaning is essential to fight epidemics and flu attacks , as part of killing germs and bacteria . We also aim to provide cleaning intelligence and new practices to household users by providing adequate advices and skills to them and supply them the necessary products.

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